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Female Dogslave
Dogslave's first public shitting
Dogslaveユs outdoor training



Female Dogslave

by Mr. kingpin


I’ve always been interested in owning a female dogslave. I woke up, one mourning with an inspiration, to turn a proud normal female into my very own dogslave. My plan consisted of a ski mask, gloves, handcuffs, mouth ball gag, and a few pills of rohypnol (or roofies), a knockout drug used by rapist to render their victims unconscious. I would crush the rohypnol into a powder form, add the powder to some hard liquor, and put it into a medical needle, used by hospitals. I would also need to add equipment and set up my basement by placing metal frames attached to the bed, adding leg spreader bar, handcuffs attached to the bed, and an electric dog collar. With my basic equipment prepared to restraint my future dogslave, I set out looking for her. There were so many girls to choose from as I went out to the local college. I finally decided on this 6’0, blonde hair, blue eyed, volleyball player. She had long lushes flowing blonde hair and her eyes were bright crystal blue. I noticed her walking across campus towards her car and getting in. As she started her car to leave, I got in my car my car to follow her. After a day of following her around, I was able to find her address and learn a little about her daily routine. The next early mourning while she was still asleep in her house, knowing that everyone living in the house had left already, I broke into her house in my ski mask and gloves while carrying my rohypnol needle and other equipment. I carefully crept into her room and injected her in the arm with the rohypnol needle. She suddenly woke up, I then restrained her with my handcuffs and shoved the ball gag into her mouth to keep her quiet enough for the rohypnol to take effect. After she was knocked out, I carried her into my car and drove my new dogslave back home to her new life.

When I arrived home with my new pet. I stripped her of all her clothes cause I believe that dogslaves should always be naked before their masters. She was then brought down to my basement, which I made sound proof and handcuffed to the metal frame of the bed. I then attached a spreader bar to her legs to keep her wide open for use. The spreader bar was then attach to the metal frame of the bed to keep her legs from moving too much. Feeling that all dogslaves should be clean shaven, I shaved all her blonde pubic hairs off with precision. I then took a 2 inch diameter buttplug and lubed it. I raised both her legs in the spreader bar up and placed it straight up in the air so her ass was exposed to me. I then dipped my fingers into some lube jelly and inserted my two lubed fingers into her tight asshole and started stretching it slowly. Still asleep, she groaned several times in pain while I was stretching her ass. When I was able to fit three fingers into her expanded anal opening, I took the lubed buttplug and inserted the large buttplug into it's new and permanent anal home. Feeling that all dogslaves should wear a buttplug in their anus at all times. I then attached a chastity belt to make sure she can't remove the plug in her ass.

She awoke after more than 12 hours of sleep, not remembering what happened to her. I took the ball gag off her mouth and gave her some water to rehydrate her body, an unhealthy dogslave is useless to me. After drinking the water, she asked, "Where am I and what am I doing here handcuffed?" I placed the ball gag back into her mouth. . I grabbed her lightly color nipple and pinched it hard. She tried to scream in pain through the ball gag. I said, "From now on, you will address me as MASTER". You will obey all my orders from now on and if you disobey, you suffer in great pain and agony. Realizing the large buttplug wedged in her ass, she started to become frantic and frighten at her situation. After 45 minutes of relentless pain from canning her body and applying hard pinches to her nipples and labia, she started realizing the helpless nature of her situation and became more compliant. She would have to obey all my orders from now on or be painfully punished. After a hard day of training my new pet into submission, I decided to informed her about her new life as my dogslave. She would have learn to be treated like an animal from now on. If she misbehaves, she would be punished like an animal.

I started the training of my new dogslave with a few basic rules:

1) dogslave should remain naked and clean shaven at all times except for eyebrow and head hair

2) dogslave should have a buttplug tail in her ass at all times, unless master gives

permission to remove it.

3) dogslave should be handcuffed at all times behind the back, until training is


4) dogslave must walk on all fours unless give permission to walk on two legs

5) dogslave must obey masters orders at all times, no matter the situation


I have found it best to ease my new pet into her dogslave role. First I must give my pet an official name that she would only answer to. I decided on "dogslave", it was a simple name for a simple slavepet. Next, She needed to eat, so I took out an electric dog collar and placed it around her neck. This collar will send an electric shock to the collar from a remote control that I have. Anytime she would disobey an order, I would shock her with electricity. After a few shocks from the collar, she quickly learned obedience and the correct way of following orders. I placed both her hands behind her back and handcuffed her. She got off the bed and wobbled in her spreader bar over to the dog dish on the ground. I told her that she would be fed only in dog bowls on the ground from now on. She got on her spread open knees and dipped down to eat her meal. After my dogslave had finished her meal, I decided it was time for her potty training. I removed her spreader bar, chastity belt and buttplug from her anus. Her ass was still gaping and lubed from the buttplug that was in her asshole. I then inserted a buttplug enema into her stretched asshole with an air pump nozzle that locked the enema in place. I filled her colon with a quarter of a gallon of warm water. When the enema was emptied, I led my dogslave out of the basement on all fours with the enema plug still attached to her ass. I led her to my toilet and told her to squat on top of the toilet so I can see her take a shit. I then removed the enema from her asshole and gave her permission to shit. It didn't take any time for the brown liquid shit to blast out of her widen ass. I can see the humiliation on her face as she had to squat in front of me and release her shit in violent pushes. After she shitted several times, I gave her permission to wipe her ass clean. The buttplug was then inserted back up her anus and locked tight into place by the chastity belt. I then led her back to the basement on all fours where she will stay as my personal pet.

As months of training had gone by, my dogslave had made great progress in accepting her role as my pet. She no longer need to be handcuffed as she now is mentally incapable of disobeying my orders. She no longer needs the chastity belt to keep the buttplug in place, as she is unable to remove the buttplug from her anus without permission. She now can squat and shit anywhere on command. I enjoy taking her out in public and ordering her to take a shit on the sidewalk or on people's front door steps. Sometimes I walk her completely naked on a leash out at the park and have her shit and piss in specific spots that I pick out. I have also brought her to the beach completely naked except for her buttplug tail that have become a permanent part of her life and order her to piss on other people's property while they are out swimming. I sometimes order her to shit on top of peoples cars, just so I can see the reaction on people's faces. I particularly enjoy having my completely nude and buttplugged dogslave do tricks in front of strangers like barking and fetching on command in public. I've trained her to be incapable of humiliation and degradation. My dogslave is now completely happy with her new life as my pet and is incapable of returning back to the 6'0, blonde hair, blue eyed proud college student that she was.


by Mr. kingpin


Dogslave's first public shitting


A few months back, I was able to capture and train my very own female dogslave. My female dogslave is a 6'0 foot, blonde hair, blue eye, 18 year old, German girl. She has a very slender athletic build and was a very proud, beautiful college student. At she first she had incredible difficulty in accepting her new role as my pet, but after relentless punishment with the electric dog collar around her neck and the continuous canings for disobedience, she is now completely obedient to every command at all times. My training is simple in principle. I gently condition and ease my nude dogslave into her new role as a house pet. Her old habits had to be reconditioned, such as taking a shit. Since all dogslaves must be able to shit on command at any place. I decided to describe the training of my dogslaveユs first public shitting.

After a month of training her with an electric dog collar and cane, I had developed the confidence that my dogslave is ready for her first outdoor showing. As in her training, she remained nude at all times except for her dog collar and the buttplug tail wedged inside her anus. I started the mourning unshackling my dogslave from her bed. I then ordered her to kneel and attached a leash to her collar. I usually lead her to the toilet so she can take her mourning shit, but today I decided that she was ready for the outdoors. She was led out to my backyard, so she can get comfortable being naked outside with a buttplug tail up her ass and being on all fours. I trained her to walk with only her hands and feet touching the ground and spreading her legs as wide as possible when she walked. We walked around the yard for about half an hour, until I decided it was time for her mourning shit. I ordered her to heel as I removed the buttplug between her wide spread legs. She remained absolutely still while I eased the buttplug tail out of her stretched asshole. After I removed the buttplug from her ass, she still remained stationary on all fours with her legs wide spread and her ass gaping from the buttplug tail. I then gave my dogslave her mourning enema. The enema is an air pump nozzle that prevents the liquid from leaking out of the anus. I lubed the enema nozzle and inserted it into her quarter-size ass pipe. She remained obediently still on her hands and toes while the enema was filling her colon. When the enema was emptied, I ordered her to squat and shit in the middle of the yard. I then led her back inside the house so she can wipe her ass clean. I systematically eased my dogslave into being comfortable with being nude and taking a shit outdoors by repeating her daily outdoor mourning routine for another month.

After another month of training, my dogslave had become used to and comfortable with the idea of shitting outdoors in complete nudity like a real dog. I decided to put my training of my dogslave's obedience in outdoor shitting to the test. It was time for her first nude public shitting. One early mourning, I fed my dogslave several bean burritos covered with a very spicy hot sauce. After the meal, I attached the leash to her collar and walked her on all fours to my car. I next ordered her to get into the back seat and squat on top of the seat. I then seat belted her in the squat position. When we had arrived at the park, I ordered her to crawl out of the car and stretch for her walk. My dogslave was then ordered to do wide spread exposing stretches in the parking lot in complete nudity. After the stretches, I ordered her to get on all fours and started to lube her buttplug tail. I then stuck two lubed fingers up her ass to stretch it wide before I inserted the buttplug tail up her anus. She was then led out on a leash completely nude with a buttplug tail up her ass for a walk around the park. We walked for a few minutes before we had our first sighting of people in the park. I walked her passed joggers who seemed shocked at the sight of a beautifully naked blonde haired woman, with a buttplug up her ass, walking on all fours. After we passed the joggers, my dogslave motioned to me that she needed to take a shit. The bean burritos and spicy hot sauce had taken effect on her stomach as I planned. I removed her buttplug tail to relieve some of the gas in her hurting stomach. She released the gases from her expanded asshole with loud, bursting farts. I then ordered her to keep walking on all four while farting, until we reached a park bench. The bench was a perfect spot for her first public shitting. It was a rest stop for joggers with a water fountain and a trash can on the side. I ordered her to squat on top of the bench, so her bald cunt was exposed to anyone passing by and told her to start shitting. She followed my orders without hesitation. As she was shitting on top of the bench by the side of the walking path, more people walked by and saw the surprisingly humiliating act. Some of the walkers were very repulsed by her behavior and the odor of the shit, while others just pointed and laughed. My dogslave just continued to shit and ignored the walkers passing by with comfortable ease. She shitted for about 15 minutes without any sense of humiliation or degradation, while at the same time I was holding her leash. After she finished and had left a huge pile of foul shit on the bench, I ordered her off the bench and continued walking her on all fours. She had shit smeared all over her ass while being walked nude on a leash in full view of tens of people. I didn't install the buttplug tail back in her anal hole, cause I wanted people passing by to see and smell the achievement of her first public shitting covered around her asshole. After half an hour of walking my nude dogslave around the park and letting tens of people view my dogslave as a human pet, I decided for us to return to my car. When we reached my car, their were many people around the parking lot area, I then ordered her to remain on all four and spread her legs as wide as possible so the people in the parking lot can see her shit covered ass and bare cunt. I then handed her some toilet paper and ordered her to start wiping the shit off her ass with her legs spread wide open on all fours. SWhen my dogslave was done wiping her shit covered ass clean, I inserted the buttplug tail back up her asshole. She then crawled into the back seat of the car and squatted down. I then told her that I was proud of her obedience and we will continue more acts of public shitting in the future.


By Mr. Kinpin

(Photo by Slave Dove)

Dogslave's outdoor training


It has been 4 months since I started the training of my female dogslave. I was able to capture my dogslave from her home while she was sleeping. She was a 6'0 foot, blonde hair, blue eye, German college student. The first month of training for my dogslave consisted of obedience training. I used an electric remote control dog collar with whips and canes to gain absolute obedience from my female slave. She fought me with a strong and resilient will, but after several days of no sleep and hard punishment, her resistance died off and obedience began. After ensuring complete obedience from my pet, I created several commands for her to obey at all times. Some of the commands are stay, kneel, fetch, and squat (since female dogslaves don't sit, I decided the squat command was better). Once she had mastered all her commands without hesitation. I started on changing her habits to fit her new dogslave role. Habits like eating, sleeping, talking, and shitting, had to be changed to match the dogslave lifestyle. I kept my dogslave completely shaven bald and nude at all times except for her blonde color buttplug tail. As time went on, the training of my nude dogslave got much easier when she embraced the role of being my pet and started looking forward in anticipation of obeying my commands.

After another month of continuous training of my dogslave, I decided that my dogslave should be seen publicly in her newly accepted slave life. I wanted to make sure that her obedience is not limited to my private viewing. She must be obedient for public to view as while. So one weekend mourning, I took my dogslave out for some public training. I led her out of the house on a leash attach to her dog collar, completely nude except for her buttplug tail. She walked on all fours with only her hands and feet touching the ground, towards the car. When she was properly seated in the car, I drove my nude dogslave to the local beach. When we arrived at the beach, I ordered my dogslave to crawl out of the car. I attach my leash to her collar and ordered her to do some stretches before she goes on her walk. She stretched her nude body in view of some fascinated people across the parking lot. After her stretches, I ordered her to get on all four. I trained her to walk with her legs spread wide so shaven cunt is exposed in full view of people walking by. I walked her across the parking lot and onto the beach. People looked in amazement at the sight of my nude dogslave walking on all fours at a public beach. My dogslave just ignored the snickering and laughing of some of the people passing by and just kept walking with no sense of humiliation. We walked for about half an hour before we headed back to the car.

Feeling that my blonde dogslave have been successfully trained to be incapable of degradation and humiliation, I decided that she would do more public acts. Her next adventure as my public dogslave would be a walk down a residential neighborhood. I didn't want anybody to recognize her and I, so I drove an hour out of town to a quiet neighborhood. When we arrived, I ordered my naked dogslave to crawl out of the car. She was completely nude except for her buttplug tail and dog collar. I then attached the leash onto her collar and ordered her on all fours. My dogslave started walking with her hands and toes touching the ground with her legs spread as wide as possible. I carried with me a backpack consisting of enema equipment, a mini G-string bikini (in case my dogslave needs to be covered in a hurry), and a bottle of water for the walk. We walked for about block until, we came across some people at an intersection across the street. Feeling it was a perfect spot for her first public obedience training, she was then ordered to take a shit at the corner of the intersection. I removed the buttplug tail from her asshole and then commanded her to squat down for the public shitting. She obeyed without any hesitation and tried to push and squeeze some shit out of her enlarged asshole, but nothing came out. I then decided to give her a public enema at the corner of the intersection. The enema nozzle is first lubed, then ordered her back on all four and inserted my two fingers into her stretched anus. The enema was then plunged into her lubed and exposed ass. The enema bag was then filled full with the bottled water and held it up to make the enema flow continuously into her ass hole. She moaned and grimaced, as the cool water started to empty into her full anus. People stopping by in their cars were surprised and disturbed by the sight of my naked blonde dogslave standing on all four and spread wide open for an enema at a corner intersection. After I emptied the enema bottle of water into her ass, I removed the enema nozzle and ordered her to squat for her shit. She was then commanded to bark as loud as she can and shit at the same time to draw attention to her public shitting. With her ass gaping from the enema, she quickly released some brown liquid shit onto the sidewalk corner while giving off loud dog-like barks, much to the amazement of the people across the street who were stunned by the shocking behavior of my pet. I then ordered her to stop mid-way through her shit and get back onto all four. It is important to control your dogslave's shitting habits by controlling how much shit she can release at a given period. I then re-inserted the buttplug tail back up her anus to seal her ass airtight and ordered her to stop barking. She was then commanded to continue walking on all four down the street until we came across a fire hydrant. I then ordered her to pee onto the hydrant to scent mark the item. She crawled over to the hydrant, lifted her buttplug tail that sealed her asshole and starting peeing onto the hydrant, making sure she didn't get the buttplug tail wet. With one leg on top of the hydrant and her bald shaven cunt exposed to everyone walking by, my dogslave pissed a short stream that flowed down the hydrant and onto the sidewalk. I stopped her after several seconds of pissing to ensure that she had enough pee left to scent mark more items in the neighborhood. She got back on all four and continued walking down the street. As we walked along, I continued having my dogslave scent mark particular items with her piss such as street poles, trash cans, and people's newspapers in their driveway.

While we were walking down the neighborhood, we came upon a girl washing her car, she started laughing and pointing at my naked dogslave while making rude and insulting remarks towards my pet. I casually walked my pet passed her and waited for her to finish washing her car off. When the girl had finished wiping her car clean, she went inside her house. I then led my dogslave over to the girl's car and ordered her to squat on top of hood of the car. I then removed the buttplug tail in my dogslaveユs ass and commanded her to release her shit and the rest of her piss on top of the car. My dogslave obeyed happily and emptied as much of her brown liquid shit onto the car with her urine. After she finished shitting, I ordered her off the car, but my dogslave still felt some more push in her stomach to shit again due to the enema given earlier. I then led her to the front door of the girl's house and ordered her to squat and empty the rest of her shit on the girl's front door step. When my dogslave was done leaving liquid shit on the girl's front door, I commanded her to wipe her ass with the mail I found on the front porch of the house. The mail consisted of a water bill, gas bill, and some coupon advertisement, all the mail were opened and given to my dogslave as toilet paper. When she had finished wiping her ass with the girl's mail, I inserted the shit cover buttplug into my dogslave's mouth and ordered her to lick it clean. She obeyed without hesitation and started eagerly licking and swallowing the shit on the buttplug. When she had finished licking the buttplug tail clean with her mouth, I poured some water into her mouth to wash the taste of shit down her throat. I then lubed and re-inserted the buttplug tail back up her anus and we both started walking back to my car. I was very pleased with my dogslave's public obedience and will be looking forward to more adventures in public with my pet.


By Mr. Kingpin